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Data driven Human Resources (HR)

Experts are convinced that data-driven HR is the future. Low-threshold but highly effective scans offer a solution. Through crystal-clear insights and practical advice, your employer gets help in reducing absenteeism, staff turnover and increasing vitality,
employability and satisfaction. With an annual employee satisfaction survey, your employer will know what is really going on within the company.

Learn more about the scans in the video on this page. In addition, you can also read the frequently asked questions below.


Frequently Asked Questions

How will my privacy be handled?

The storage and processing of all data
meets the stringent requirements of the
General Data Protection Regulation
(GDPR) and Dutch laws and regulations regarding personal data.

Your personal information will be
stored securely and encrypted.
In addition, the scan provider is ISO
27001 certified. This is the standard for information security. The
organizational and team insights generated are anonymized
and on the basis of research groups
composed of a minimum of 7 people.

Does the scan provider share information with my employer?

The employer is required under the Dutch Working Conditions Act to
conduct research and policy to
promotion of working conditions. Participation in a scan that is sent is always voluntary.

personal answers and results
are obviously not shared
with your employer.

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