Employability scan (Questionnaires)

Employability scan

How well someone can do their own work – both mentally and physically – is called “employability,” or work ability. Work ability is a basic requirement for employee well-being. The workload on the employee affects the likelihood of dropping out. This scan has predictive power for absenteeism and productivity loss.

This scan provides concrete insights and practical advice that can be used to take sustainable measures to improve employability. Investments in maintaining and improving work ability have a positive effect on preventing long-term dropout and disability. Workers stay at work longer and healthier.

The types of scans

You can choose several scans of interest to your organization. You can choose from the scans: Personal Employability Scan or the Vitality Monitor. It is not recommended to combine these two scans.

Below are further explanations of the various scans.

Employability Scan

Personal employability scan

The Personal Employability Scan measures the sustainable employability of employees within your organization. Many organizations need insight into the state of sustainable employability of their employees. The Personal Employability Scan provides insight into key core components of sustainable employability such as health and energy, knowledge and skills, motivation and engagement, and work-life balance of employees. It also asks about current and future performance of employees, and personal leadership in working on their own development. Employees receive feedback on their own results after completing them, with an explanation of their score and advice based on their score. This provides an understanding of one’s own sustainable employability and gives starting points for improvement. As an organization, you will receive feedback on the scores on the various components. For example, you can see what percentage of employees score in the red in terms of their physical health, or the fit of their knowledge and skills to their current work. This provides great insights for improvement in sustainable employability.

Vitality Monitor

Vital employees are brimming with energy, have the ability to resume life after a negative event, and are motivated in performing their jobs and participating in society. Vital employees are more productive, provide more satisfied customers, have less absenteeism, and low attrition rates.

This questionnaire measures the overall vitality of employees on three components; energy, motivation and resilience, where energy is characterized by feeling energized, motivation by setting goals in life, and resilience the ability to cope with daily problems and challenges of life. Employees receive feedback on their scores in a personal dashboard after completing the questions. Management and/or HR receives comprehensive feedback on scores at various levels (department, function, gender, etc.).

What is amplitie?

Online Dashboard

After conducting the survey, we will provide you with a standard global overview of the results per module in a PDF document.

Would you like to see the results by question? You can do that through our online dashboard. In the dashboard, you will see data by question, this will give you deeper insights.

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Employability Scan Questionnaires

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Employability Scan 


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