Data driven Human Resources (HR)

Experts are convinced that data-driven HR is the future. Low-threshold but highly effective scans offer a solution. Through crystal-clear insights and practical advice, you will get help to reduce absenteeism and turnover, increase vitality,
employability and satisfaction. With an annual employee satisfaction survey, you will know what is going on within your company and be able to provide insight into KPIs.

The validated scans, Employee Satisfaction Surveys, Personal Health Scan, Employability & PSA, consist of modular modules.

The platform is set up by us. As a result, (besides providing data and choosing the scan) you don’t have to do anything at all!

  • We manage the platform for you and from the platform the questionnaires are sent.
  • You can choose from several modules within our scans so that you can gain insight into the topics that really matter to your company. Keep to a maximum of 70 questions, this takes employees about 15 minutes to complete. A module is a validated questionnaire.
  • All you have to do is determine which scan and modules within the scan are relevant to your organization!

View relevant information for your employees about the questionnaires on this page.


PAGO stands for Periodic Occupational Health Examination (Periodiek Arbeidsgezondheidskundig Onderzoek). Offering this periodically is mandatory for employers (Article 18 of the Dutch Occupational Health and Safety Act). With a PAGO, you can prevent labor-related risks as much as possible (health & safety). If employees work with hazardous substances, the employer must ensure that a PAGO is offered before the potential exposure occurs, in the interim, after incidents, and afterwards. Read more about the increased fines for not taking hazardous materials seriously.



PMO stands for Preventive Medical Examination (Preventief Medisch Onderzoek). A PMO looks at the entire health of employees. Examples include work stress or lifestyle. So this involves both physical and mental health. Conducting a PMO is very important for sustainable employability. It is not mandatory by the dutch law.


Employee satisfaction survey

What is going well and where is there room for improvement?
This scan gives you insight and advice on improvements at the individual, team and organizational level.

Vertrouwenspersoon Lamers Zorg & Arbeid

Personal Health

Absenteeism and lost productivity cause enormous costs in business, which can amount to tens of millions of euros per year. In addition, the labor force is aging due to the increase in the retirement age to 67. It is therefore important, now and in the future, to keep employees healthy, fit and productive for as long as possible. This is where the Personal health scan as E-PMO helps.


How well a person can do their own work – both mentally and physically – is called “employability,” or work ability. Work ability is a basic requirement for employee well-being.

Wat is Arbo?
Financiële stress

Stress Scan (PSA)

By timely identification of work pressure, work stress and burnout.
This scan aims to determine whether (causes of) psychosocial workload (PSA) require further investigation or action.


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