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Lamers Zorg en Arbeid is an occupational health and safety service that understands the importance of feeling safe and unburdened. Our personalized approach ensures that each individual’s unique needs are met, and our team of experts prioritizes open communication and transparency to build strong relationships with our clients. Lamers Zorg en Arbeid also recognizes the impact of absenteeism on a business, and we offer proactive measures to prevent it from occurring. In the cases where absenteeism does happen, we provide reactive support to help our clients get back on track. With our commitment to putting people first and creating a safe and healthy workplace, Lamers Zorg en Arbeid is an ideal partner for those who value straightforward communication, simplicity and sustainable employability.


Lamers Zorg & Arbeid is an independent and impartial health & safety service provider and is independent concerning suppliers and providers. Lamers Zorg & Arbeid is a member of Oval, the sector for sustainable employability.

From precaution
to reintegration


If resuming work with the own employer is no longer possible, the possibility of reintegration with an external company must be examined and realised.

Absenteeism management

Absenteeism management

Utilizing a privacy-proof absence management IT platform, you are in contact with our qualified case managers who will advise and assist you. Lamers Zorg & Arbeid advise you on the process and the legal obligations that are associated with absenteeism. As well as the employee as the employer has independent access to the absence file.

Occupational health examination (PAGO/PMO)

As an employer, you have the possibility of offering your employees a periodic/preventive medical examination. The objective of the PAGO/PMO is to identify health risks or problems at an early stage. Therefore, this examination can also be the consequence of RI&E results.

Occupational health examination
Position specific health assessment

Position-specific health assessment

If the performance of the job entails risks to the health and/or safety of the employee and/or third parties, there may be obligations to undergo a position-specific health assessment.

These assessments are bound to strict rules.

Assessments of risk inventory and evaluation (RI&E)

The Occupational Health and Safety Act obliges every company to have a Risk Inventory and Evaluation (RI&E) carried out. Companies with up to 25 employees who can use a recognised RI&E from their sector are exempt from a RI&E assessment.


Prevention officer & in-house Emergency Response Team (BHV)

Every employer is obliged to appoint at least one prevention officer. The prevention officer actively works to promote health and safety within the company.

The in-house Emergency Response Worker (BHV) is the person who helps out in the company if an incident occurs. For example in the event of a fire, an accident or an evacuation.

Trainings for SMEs

We provide absenteeism training for SMEs. With our training courses, you will learn to prevent and address absenteeism.


Occupational Health and Safety Act (Arbowet)

The Occupational Health and Safety Act (Arbowet) contains all kinds of rules for creating a healthy, safe and pleasant working environment for employees. Although the employer remains primarily responsible, there is an increasingly active role for employees.

Our quality assurance

The Foundation “Beheer Certificatie Arbodiensten (SBCA)” manages the certification of Occupational Health & Safety Services.

Certified Occupational Health and Safety Service

DNV is one of the largest certification institutions worldwide and provides the annual external audit of our organization.

ISO 9001:2015

OVAL is a network of service providers in the field of Vitality, Activation and Career, to which we are affiliated. As a branch organization, OVAL offers its members services, information and advice to support their daily work.



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