Who will help me?

What does the company doctor (Bedrijfsarts) do?

A ‘Bedrijfsarts’ is a medical professional who assesses and advises whether you, as an employee, are incapacitated for medical reasons and/or when you may return to work. An occupational doctor can also advise on how to improve working conditions.

What does the ''Arboarts'' do?

The ‘arboarts’ is a basic physician who works under the supervision of a ‘bedrijfsarts’. Arboartsen have less authority. Like the company doctor (bedrijfsarts), the ‘arboarts’ assist in absenteeism and reintegration processes.

What does an employment specialist do?

An employment specialist determines the extent to which a person can perform work. It will be examined whether you, as an employee, can return to your own work or whether another position should be sought within or outside the current employer.

What does the occupational psychologist do?

An occupational psychologist is concerned with the relationship between people and their work (environment). An occupational psychologist will help you with mental health issues such as burnout or depression.

What does the case manager for absenteeism do?

The absence case manager guides you and your employer through the reintegration process. The case manager is the point of contact for employee and employer.

What does a confidante do?

A confidant is a contact person for employees when unwanted behavior such as bullying, sexual harassment, discrimination and aggression occurs.

What does the corporate social worker do?

A corporate social worker supports staff by providing psychosocial counseling.

How do you handle my privacy?

Do I need to show identification at the consultation?

Yes, it is important that you can identify yourself. Therefore, please bring an ID card, passport or driver’s license to the consultation hour.

What about my privacy when I call in sick?

Medical information remains with the employee and the company doctor. Thus, the employer and case manager does not receive this information.

Do you handle my data securely?

We work with a protected medical environment. Our system is ISO 27001 certified.

Will my employer get to see my data?

The employer does not get to see any medical information. The employer receives information only to determine what tasks can or cannot be performed by the employee.

Who can see my data at Lamers Zorg & Arbeid?

The case manager sees only information necessary to determine what an employee can or cannot do. Medical records are confidential. Only the company doctor (bedrijfsarts) sees medical records.

What can I expect from my appointment?

Will my travel expenses be covered for an appointment?

This is possible. It is up to the employer to determine this.

Can I cancel a consultation appointment?

You can cancel an appointment. Do this at least 3 days in advance.

How can I find where, what time and with whom I have an appointment?

Once an appointment is made, we will send you an invitation letter. This letter will tell you where, what time and with whom you have an appointment.

Can I provide feedback on how I experienced the appointment?

Yes you can. At our location, there is an evaluation form that can be filled out. Our case managers will be happy to help you with this.

When do you opt for a second opinion?

You can opt for a second opinion if you disagree with the company doctor’s (Bedrijfsarts) medical determination.

How does Lamers Zorg & Arbeid arrange a second opinion?

We are affiliated with a national network of physicians. When requesting a second opinion, please contact our case managers.

I’m sick or I’m better again, which now?

How can I call in sick?

You can call in sick to your own company.

Where can I report better?

Better reporting can be done at one’s own company.