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Personal Health Scan (E-PMO).

Absenteeism and lost productivity cause huge costs in business, which can reach tens of millions of dollars per year. In addition, the labor force is aging due to the increase in the retirement age to 67. So it is important, now and in the future, to keep employees healthy, fit and productive for as long as possible. That’s where the Personal health scan as an E-PMO* helps.

The Personal health scan maps the lifestyle, health status, physical and mental well-being of your employees.It gives you insight into the health of the organization and data that can help reduce absenteeism. In addition, your employees will receive personalized advice that they can immediately use to improve their own health.

E-PMO stands for: Electronic (Online) Preventive Medical Examination and is a quick and practical alternative to the regular PMO.

Why is it mandatory to offer an E-PMO as an employer?

Because this is included in the Working Conditions Act, also known as the Occupational Health and Safety Act. Article 18 states that employers must offer their employees periodic examinations that identify the health risks posed by work and how to prevent or mitigate them.

The modules

The Personal Health Scan is modular. You can choose different modules of interest to your organization. You can choose from the modules: General Health, Physical Work Capacity, Stress Management, Exercise, Smoking, Alcohol, Nutrition, Relaxation, Sleep and Work Engagement.

The different modules are explained in more detail below.

Personal Health Scan Modules

General health

RAND 36: Overall health status is a key indicator of the physical, mental and social health of your employees. This questionnaire allows you and us to identify areas of concern quickly and easily. A number of components are covered including: physical and social functioning, well-being and health perception. Quality of life is related to this, but this is subjective. It’s about how your employees perceive his/her state of health.

Physical work ability

Physical work ability refers to the degree to which an employee is physically able to perform his or her job. Physical work ability is related to the nature of one’s work. The workload on the employee affects the likelihood of dropping out. Physical work ability has predictive power for absenteeism. Reduced work ability predicts stronger long-term absenteeism and greater productivity loss. It is therefore important in physically demanding jobs to properly monitor employees’ work ability and intervene where necessary.

Stress Management

This module gives people a better understanding of the level of stress being experienced at the time. Tension and stress everyone experiences from time to time. Insufficient excitement, stress and challenge is not good; then what a person is really capable of does not surface. However, too much tension and stress harms health and impairs work effectiveness. This questionnaire helps participants reflect on their own stress levels. It looks, in particular, at complaints that have a direct relationship to too much tension and stress. After completing this questionnaire, the participant receives immediate advice regarding his/her own situation.


Employees who exercise regularly are less likely to have physical complaints, cardiovascular disease. In addition, exercise has a positive effect on physical and mental capacity. In the Netherlands, we use two standards to determine whether a person is getting enough physical activity. employees meet the “Dutch Standard for Healthy Exercise” (NNGB) when they are moderately active at least 30 minutes a day on at least 5 days a week. The NNGB focuses primarily on maintaining long-term health. The sports standard represents at least 3 days a week, 20 minutes of intense physical activity. The sports standard, also known as fitness standard, focuses on maintaining physical fitness, endurance and strength. So very important for people with physically demanding jobs.


Drinking during, before or after work causes absenteeism, industrial accidents, production failures and a deterioration of the work atmosphere. employees in lower positions are more likely to absent themselves when alcohol problems occur than employees in higher positions. Excessive alcohol use is relatively common. An estimated 20% of the entire workforce drinks excessively. When excessive alcohol use occurs within your organization, it is important to pay attention to the issue. Make the issues negotiable and seek help from professionals as needed.


A healthy and varied diet allows the body to repair itself making one feel fit and well. The right balance of fruits, vegetables, grains, fish and water is most important in this. In this way, many ailments such as colds, aching bones and muscles are prevented. An unhealthy diet is strongly associated with various health conditions. For example, there is a link between poor eating habits and diabetes, obesity and elevated cholesterol.


Most people are always busy. Obligations here, appointments there, deadlines, etc. We set the bar high and demand a lot of ourselves. But unfortunately, employees are not superhumans and do not possess special powers that help them get through everything effortlessly. What does get them through busy times are moments of rest and relaxation. How well employees are able to relax is identified with this component.


Sleep deprivation is a growing problem. Consequences include; fatigue, obesity and depression. A large portion of the population suffers from sleep problems. Stress, an unhealthy lifestyle and the increasing “24-hour economy” play a major role in this. Insufficient sleep not only affects employees’ alertness but also overall health. People who do not get enough sleep have a greater craving for sweet and fatty foods. Sleeping too little for an extended period of time can cause the same effects as diabetes.

Work engagement

A characteristic of an inspired employee is that he or she has a lot of energy, is enthusiastic and can work long and tirelessly. An inspired employee is willing to put energy into the work, is committed to the work and the organization, perseveres in the face of problems, and engages in the work in an enjoyable way. It is often the enthusiastic and proactive colleagues whose positive attitude stands out. They are visibly committed and often achieve great results.

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Online Dashboard

After conducting the survey, we will provide you with a standard global overview of the results per module in a PDF document.

Would you like to see the results by question? You can do that through our online dashboard. In the dashboard, you will see data by question, this will give you deeper insights.

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Personal Health Scan Questionnaires

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