Employee satisfaction surveys

Employee satisfaction survey (MTO).

What goes well and where is there room for improvement?
This scan gives you insight and advice on improvements at the individual, team and organizational level. The scan generates data on several essential organizational themes. Think about satisfaction, appreciation of managers, assessment of working conditions but at least as important: how engaged are they at work and how connected do they feel with the organization.
Feedback from your own employees is indispensable if you want to move forward with your organization, after all, they know better, faster or differently than anyone else.

The modules

The MTO is modular in structure. You can choose different modules of interest to your organization. You can choose from the modules: Job, Work experience, Cooperation and work atmosphere, Leadership, Organization as a whole, Communication and information provision, Management/management team, Working conditions, Working conditions, Training and personal development, Loyalty and Bonding.

The different modules are explained in more detail below.

MTO Modules


An employee’s position may change over time. Change in work or environment can affect the employee’s experience. Thus, work may be perceived as less enjoyable or less challenging. Employees who derive pleasure and satisfaction from their work are more effective and last longer. An important part of employability, therefore, is being able to perform work that suits people and in which people are challenged.


Work Experience

For timely detection of workload, employers can use this questionnaire. Workload is the pressure an employee experiences at work. By pressure we mean having to complete a certain number of tasks satisfactorily in a certain amount of time. This pressure can sometimes become too much, which increases the risk of, for example, sloppy work and can even lead to employee attrition. This questionnaire is a reliable measure of employee workload.

Collaboration and working atmosphere

In every collaboration, feedback is both given and received. Often this is a tricky subject and by no means always benefits cooperation. When there is room within teams for positive criticism it leads not only to a good working atmosphere but also to a better process, product and service. How this cooperation is perceived by the employee is examined.


Managing a group of people is a complicated task. One of the most important duties of a manager is to motivate employees and be a point of contact. It should be clear to an employee exactly what his or her duties are and why this is important to the entire organization. If a manager falls short in several areas, it can have a major impact on the quality of work and employee satisfaction.

Organization as a whole

Organizations with employees who take pride not only in the work done, but also in the company itself, perform significantly better. Employees are the company’s most important asset and calling card. Connectedness with colleagues and with the company also has a tremendously positive effect on absenteeism.

Communication and disclosure

The quality of internal communication is a vital factor in your satisfaction. Internal communication is not a temporary factor; it is constantly important. Many companies forget to ensure internal support. Especially in larger organizations, it is difficult to keep everyone informed of policies. Your satisfaction with internal communication is assessed through this questionnaire.

Executive board/ management team

A well-functioning management team or executive team is able to encourage and inspire employees. It can increase motivation, engagement, performance and productivity. On the other hand, a mediocre or poorly functioning MT or DT can have disastrous effects on employee motivation and engagement. Through this survey, satisfaction with management and/or directors is assessed anonymously.

Working conditions

Good working conditions are important. Sustained attention to this pays off in job satisfaction, low absenteeism, high satisfaction and a vital organization. Good and healthy working conditions are not only required by law, but therefore beneficial for both the employer and employee. In addition, a safe and healthy work environment can prevent much personal suffering. How working conditions are perceived within your organization is captured with this questionnaire.


Working conditions are an important part of working conditions. One of the primary conditions of employment is the financial reward attached to the work performed, or wages. When the work performed does not match the pay, it can lead to dissatisfaction and lack of appreciation. Secondary benefits can vary greatly from one organization to another. This module gives you insight into how satisfied employees are with their working conditions.

Training and personal development

Offering opportunities for advancement and development as an employee is hugely important. Especially for a rapidly growing or changing organization looking to reduce absenteeism and turnover. Another great advantage of developing employees is that they are broadly employable, so mutations and illnesses can be handled well. employees who can develop and advance are also more satisfied.


Loyalty has become an important concept within organizations. Logical too, because the greater the level of engagement, the greater the benefit to the organization. It is important to consider the concept of staff loyalty. Simply put, staff must feel that the organization has their best interests at heart, which will cause them to continue to do their best and not (go) look for another job.


Employees are the company’s most important asset and calling card. Connectedness with colleagues and with the company also has a tremendously positive effect on turnover. The greater the satisfaction among employees, the greater the barrier to changing jobs.

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Online Dashboard

After conducting the survey, we will provide you with a standard global overview of the results for each module. Would you like to see the results by question? You can do that through our online dashboard. In the dashboard, you will see data by question, this will give you deeper insights.

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