Sexual harassment in the workplace

25 January 2022

Sexual harassment in the workplace

The law states that employers have the duty to provide employees with a safe working environment. Article 3 paragraph 2 of the Working Conditions Act (Arbowet)states that sexual harassment in the workplace must be prevented & combated, this must be included in the working conditions policy.

Preventive measures mean that risks are mapped out in an RI&E. Part of the RI&E is a Plan of Action. For example, a Plan of Action may state that a confidential advisor will take complaints about undesirable behavior, such as sexual harassment. A confidant can ensure protection & may involve an internal or external party.

Repressive measures may include; suspension or change of position and place of work.

When sexual harassment is going on without being reported, it is difficult to spot. To avoid being surprised and to avoid disruption to the organization, an effective preventive approach may be to periodically send out anonymous questionnaires. Noteworthy data can be extracted. Acting is possible as a result of this. In doing so, avoid relying on proactive reporting by victims.
In addition, steering on key figures can provide insights. By actively monitoring key figures, you can get ahead of such reports by identifying unusual situations in a timely manner. For example, have employees left for unexplained reasons, has productivity been reduced, or does an employee often take sick leave on certain days?

Unfortunately, sexual harassment occurs in the workplace. Protect your employees and your organization from unpleasant situations. For more information about confidants, we would like to refer you to our information page.

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