Why hybrid working can promote employee health and well-being.

Why hybrid working can promote employee health and well-being.

Hybrid work is a flexible approach that allows employees to split their time between working in the office and working from home. Since the coronavirus  we have been working more from home in The Netherlands. As it stands now; hybrid working is here to stay. It suggests that if a hybrid work option is not offered in the future, it could lead to less engagement, lower well-being and more employee  attrition.

Work design; key pillar

”Amplitie” is about strengthening and increasing employee well-being. Amplitie originated from positive organizational psychology; what you give attention to, grows. One of the important pillars of amplitie is work design. The work environment includes, for example; the company culture, physical work environment & work-life balance.

Physical working environment

For many employees, autonomy is a very important criteria. Employees want a firmer position to determine where work takes place. As a result, people experience more autonomy to organize their work in a way that suits them best. One employee is not the same as another. That’s why customization is the way to go.

A survey (financial sector, business services and (municipal) governments) has shown that only one in ten employees wants to go back to the office completely. 20% only want to work from home and 70% wants to work hybrid.
Employees are more likely to stay on board when there is an opportunity for hybrid working.

Work-life balance

Employees are more productive when working from home, but it can also lead to struggles with their work-life balance. Job satisfaction is and will continue to be important. When employees can decide for themselves how many days they work from home, it can benefit the work-life balance and raise job satisfaction.

Due to the measures regarding the coronavirus, work and private life have sometimes become intertwined. It is therefore important to make good agreements and monitor boundaries, otherwise instead of strengthening the well-being of employees, burnout symptoms lurk. In addition, it is important to facilitate good laptops, office chairs, monitors and keyboards in employees’ homes as well. Do you want to know which office chairs are health and safety-proof? Then readthis article.

Company Culture

Why do employees want to go to the office?
Human interaction is an important source of energy and conducive to mental health. Social situations are essential against work stress.
Employees will be more open to socializing, collaborating and socializing when they are on site on certain days. On these days, for example, social activities can be organized to maintain involvement.
When innovative and creative solutions need to be devised & things become more complex, it remains important to meet physically. Therefore, schedule on-site consultation times for these matters.

Employees want to take control over their own employability. For this reason, the work design in the ‘amplitie’ policy is essential. When hybrid working is used properly there is a better work-life balance, less commuting stress and more location independence.

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